Emotional Vertigo

Between Anxiety and Pleasure
Foreword by Alain Gibeault - Translated by Arnold Pomerabns

In this unique, prize-winning study Danielle Quinodoz unravels the unconscious significance of the feelings of vertigo which arise in situations where there is no organic cause. She traces the origins of such emotional vertigo to inner anxieties around separation which are expressed somatically at different levels according to the level of anxiety.

Through a detailed case study of a patient who developed the symptoms of vertigo during analysis the author offers some thought-provoking insights into the vicissitudes of the object relationship and the importance of the role of the analyst in helping the patient translate sensation into representation and symbolization.

Published by Routledge
Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis -(1997) - Pages: 216
ISBN: 0—415—14836—7